HOA Keeping your cost lowFour easy ways to avoid fines and extra costs while Owning at a Home Owners Association.

1. Rules and Regulations. All communities come with a set of Rules and Regulations.  They will tell you what’s allowed and what’s not allowed inside the common areas.  Rule violations come at a warning first and then turn into a fine.  Fines can be assessed daily. By following the Community rules you are keeping costs down.

2. Pets. Read you Community Rules and Regulations for size restrictions and to see if there is a registration fee for such an animal.  Pets are one of the easiest violations to the rules and regulations and can create serious fines.  Be sure to pick up after your pet every time, follow size restrictions, and always, always,  always use a leash when out in public with your pet.  Leash laws are state, county, and town ordinances, they are expected to be followed.

3. Regular Maintenance.  HVAC’s require yearly maintenance.  Failure to provide routine maintenance to the HVAC can result in costly damages to surrounding units.  Maintenance is a homeowner cost, and any damages as a result of poor or lack of maintenance are at the expense of the owner.  So spend a few bucks a couple times a year, instead of a mountain of cash at one time.

4.  Keep the Property Clean. Extinguish cigarette butts appropriately and dispose of them.  Throw trash away in the appropriate receptacles. Place recycling in the appropriate bins. Clean up your front stoop.  This is a community.  We want people to have pride where we live.  Excessive littering can and will result in fines.

Management really does not want to issue out fines. But it is a necessary evil to our job.  So please follow the rules and be mindful of where you live, so we can all live happily ever after.